Jurre fan 'e Gaestdyk

Tsjalle 454SP X Ulke 338S
Foalbook Ster + Sport Elite stallion with a KFPS breeding permit
(Stb Ster + Sport / Stb Ster + Preferent + Prestatiemoeder / Stb Ster + Prestatiemoeder / Stb Ster / Stb Ster + Preferent / Stb Ster / Stb Ster / Stb Ster / Stb Ster)
Stam 100
Imported from Holland via stal de Mersken
Height: 161 cm / 15.3 1/2 hands (officially measured in 2014)

Jurre's sire Tsjalle 454SP was awarded the Preferent status at the Stallion Show in 2019, he is the youngest Friesian stallion to become Preferent.

Jurre's sire Tsjalle 454SP was Reserve Champion stallion at the Stallion Show in 2011 and 2013 and Champion stallion at the Stallion Show in 2016
Jurre’s sire Tsjalle 454SP has been approved on offspring

Jurre’s dam Sterre fan Hickaerd is a Studbook Ster mare with a first premie by Ulke 338S
Ulke 338S has been approved on offspring

Breeder: Gooitzen Wester & Linda Visser
Owner: Erica & John Lock

Dwarfism: no carrier
Hydrocephalus: no carrier

Jurre is 1 of 6 foalbook Ster stallions with a breeding permit in Australia

Jurre is currently competing at PSG level dressage with Ty Zoontjes

Jurre's filly Elza Van Gelder received a first premie at the SA Keuring in 2019 and was awarded overall SA Keuring Champion

Jurre fan 'e Gaestdyk
  Foalbook Ster + Sport Elite

Tsjalle 454
(Stb Sport + Preferent)
Mintse 384
(Stb Sport)
Leffert 306 (Stb Sport + Preferent)
Jieldou (Stb Ster + Preferent)
Welmoed fan Fjildsicht
(Stb Ster)
Brandus 345 (Stb Sport + Preferent)
Hadewich fan Fjildsicht (Stb Ster + Preferent)
Sterre fan Hickaerd
(Stb Ster + Sport)
Ulke 338
(Stb Sport)
Tjimme 275 (Stb)
Fabiolaa (Stb Ster + Preferent + Prestatiemoeder)
(Stb Ster + Sport + Preferent + Prestatiemoeder)
Anton 343 (Stb Sport + Preferent)
 Rinny (Stb Ster+ Prestatiemoeder)
Pedigree by Van Gelder Friesians

ABFP test results:

Points under saddle:

Walk Trot Canter Posture & Balance  Suppleness  Transitions Impulse Total Score
6.5 7.0 7.5 7.0 7.0 7.0 7.0 77.0

Points in harness:

Walk Trot Posture & Balance Suppleness Transitions Impulse Total Score Suitability for Driving
6.5 7.5 7.5 7.0 7.0 7.0 78.0 7.0


  Photos courtesy of Anita Ward Photography